Adjustable 30kg Dumbbell Set


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30kg Dumbbells Set 


The dumbbell weight set, includes 16 dumbell plates, 2 extension bars, 4 safety nuts, you can assemble them into 2 dumbbells, perfect for a whole-body workout and can help you achieve whatever fitness goals you have, without leaving the house. With ergonomic design, texture technology, non-slip extension bar, adjustable weight. It will help you work out muscular imbalances, and maintain a healthy body!

– Color: Black.
– Material: HDPE, cement.
– Size: 50 x 21 x 25 cm.
– BESPORTBLE dumbbell weight set, comes with 16 dumbbell plates: 2.5KG/5.5LB; 2.0KG/4.4LB; 1.5KG/3.3LB; 1.25KG/2.76LB, 2 extension bars, 4 safety nuts. A pair of dumbbells can be assembled in a minute.
– Constructed with high quality material, durable and long lasting time use. The safety and non-slip nuts help you worry-free the security issues, just purchase and fitness now!
– Easy to assemble the dumbbell, take out the extension bar first, put the 2.5KG/5.5LB; 2.0KG/4.4LB; 1.5KG/3.3LB; 1.25KG/2.76LB weight plates on one side of the extension bar successively, tighten the nuts and finished, repeated again to install other end.
– The comfortable textured dumbbell extension bar is designed with anti-slip particles, which can greatly increase the grip and prevent accidental slipping during exercise, thereby making your fitness experience safer.
– Trust me, burn body fat more effectively by training with weighted dumbbells than with bike riding, swimming, or jogging. So, lets just go into action!

1 x Dumbbell Set (Contains 2 Extension Bars, 16 Dumbbell Plates, 4 Nuts)




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